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Overcoming challenges with loved ones
Performance groups’ detail
Continues Disney’s care, encouragement and support for children patients

Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas “Community Choir Sing Along”

 (Hong Kong – December 3, 2018) Following its support for the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital to design clothing for children patients in the “Dress Well” project announced in September, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) continues its dedication to care for children patients and their families in various community projects in the coming year. In November and December, HKDL has initiated “Community Choir Sing Along” Christmas caroling in the park with the participation of more than 300 participants from nine local community choirs. Many of them are children patients and medical staff. To echo the International Day of Disabled Persons on December 3, HKDL hopes more people will show their support for sick children and inclusion of people with disabilities. 

The participating community choirs will perform on the hub stage at Main Street U.S.A. on selected dates, delighting guests from around the world and sharing festive joy with enchanting Christmas carols while receiving recognition and encouragement at the same time. The performing groups include visually impaired students from Ebenezer School for the Visually Impaired, children with language impairment from Benji’s Children Choir, as well as KIDS’ Dream Choir and Little Life Warrior which brought together children patients, their parents and medical staff to showcase their singing talents. (Please refer to appendix for performance groups’ detail.)


Overcoming challenges with loved ones

Holly Wong Hoi-lam, a primary five student from Ebenezer School for the Visually Impaired, suffers from congenital microphthalmia and retinal defect and is diagnosed with moderate low vision. Hospital visits have been part of her growing up as she has to visit the doctor regularly for medical consultations





Holly’s mother has been her close companion since birth, accompanying her to countless medical treatments and consultations. Li recalled the anxious days, “Our daughter couldn’t open her eyes several days after birth, and we went on countless check-ups at maternal and child health centers and hospitals before we found that she was born with visual impairment. For the following few years, we had to take Holly in for medical check-up two to three times a week. She also has to undergo rehabilitation training.” Taking care of sick children could be stressful and dispiriting for parents and close family members, but to see them grow and evolve through the challenges is highly encouraging and satisfying.



With her family’s care and support, Wong overcame her vision challenge by making good use of her remaining visual acuity to learn how to read. As the choir team primary section leader, this was Holly’s first time to perform at HKDL and lead a choir of members who are also visually impaired. “I love singing so much and I always try my very best to study the lyrics. I wish to help the younger or visually impaired teammates at every choir practice, such as reading out the lyrics repeatedly so they can recite the songs, or help the instructors teach the members to move according to the melody.” Wong said she was a happier and more positive person after joining the choir and performing at HKDL.


Sharing Disney’s sprit with children patients

As a member of the local community, HKDL pays close attention to the needs of the society and strives to extend the Walt Disney Company’s tradition in caring for children patients and their families to Hong Kong. In addition to arranging for the local community choirs to showcase their talents at the park, HKDL also takes action to serve children patents in the community. A team of Disney VoluntEARS, formed by cast members and Disney friends, will visit children patients at The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay and United Christian Hospital on December 18 and 19 respectively. The children patients will receive Christmas presents as a token of encouragement during their treatments.




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