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Photo 1: Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So (right of Mickey); HKDL Managing Director Andrew Kam (left of Mickey); and Director, Creative Development, Walt Disney Imagineering HK Kelly Willis (second right of Mickey) praised the creativity of the students at the ceremony.
Photo 2: The participating team introduces their design project to the judges using an intricate model.
Photo 3: Product Analysis & Engineering Design students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University claim their championship title, beating out over 200 competitors.
Photo 4: Students from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts came in the second place. They enjoyed the challenge of presenting and explaining their concepts in English.
Photo 5: Students from Guangdong Industry Technical College won a special award for their brilliant product designs.

Disney ImagiNations HK Design Competition 2015 Results Announced PolyU champions set for a year-long creative journey with Hong Kong Disneyland

HONG KONG, December 9, 2015 — More than 200 participants from universities and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and mainland China joined this year’s Disney ImagiNations Hong Kong Design Competition to imagine and design innovative and entertaining experiences for Hong Kong Disneyland in the year 2035, 20 years from now. At the award ceremony today, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So presented prizes to the winners as the Guest of Honor and encouraged the finalists to continue their creative journeys.
Star Wars fans claim title with strength in storytelling, guest experience and use of space
Overall, 55 teams joined this year’s successful contest, which included a six month creation and competition process. The students exchanged ideas and sought inspiration through a range of activities like workshops, seminars and community visits. Four Product Analysis & Engineering Design students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University — all of whom are Star Wars fans — claimed the championship thanks to their innovative project called “STAR WARS LAND.”
According to their concept, the legendary starship Imperial Star Destroyer serves as the land’s major landmark. Guests can experience a number of classic Star Wars movie settings that are linked together, including the Jedi Temple and Death Star space station. Guests can go on an underwater adventure in a submarine and then board a spaceship headed to Galactic City. From there, they can join the Jedi and take part in a fight with Star Wars characters.
One of the judges, Kelly Willis, Director, Creative Development, Walt Disney Imagineering Hong Kong, praised the team saying, “Their intricate designs and layout plan showed a good sense of space and layering. The project successfully couples multiple attractions, a themed parade and workshops with popular Star Wars stories and settings, demonstrating how to execute design theory and techniques in a project.

 Champion team wins exchange tour to U.S.A.
As part of their grand prize, the championship team will have the opportunity to go to the Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters in California, U.S.A. next month to participate in different exchange activities, with full sponsorship from HKDL. They will share experiences with other winning teams from the competition in the United States. After that, the winners will have an eight-week work experience back at HKDL.
This year, two teams shared third place for the first time ever: Chinese University of Hong Kong and SCAD Hong Kong. All participating students will have the opportunity to extend their creativity by joining internships in different HKDL departments and participating in a variety of community activities held by HKDL.
Almost 100 participants and 22 teams from mainland China, including the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Guangdong Industry Technical College, joined this year’s competition, making it the first time in history for teams from the mainland to become top 10 finalists.
 Students from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts won second place with their creative project “FROZEN FACTORY.” Imagining a world affected by global warming in 2035, the team created a story where Olaf from “Frozen” is sadly melting due to the hot climate. To bring Olaf back to life, their experience features a magical snow-making factory. The project combines thrilling rides popular among the youth and educational snow-themed workshops suitable for families. Their land was praised for showcasing a well-developed concept with fun experiences while raising awareness of a social issue.


Willis praised the teams, saying they amazed the judges with their professional manners and finesse, displayed all throughout the competition — from their design concepts to the handmade models. “With this competition, HKDL hopes tonurture the creativity of students in Hong Kong and southern China and help enhance their professional knowledge,” he said. “ImagiNations gives them a great opportunity to let their talents shine on an international stage in the entertainment and performance industry.”

The Disney ImagiNations Competition has been a mainstay in the United States for 24 years so far. Hong Kong is the first region outside the United States to organize the competition, showing how HKDL strives to nurture the creative development of young people. By joining the competition, students learn to combine art with technology and imagination with construction to create their own unique concepts for Disney resorts and attractions through a series of training activities. Just like HKDL, these ideas are intended to bring magical experiences and wonderful memories to guests.
Disney ImagiNations Hong Kong Design Competition 2015 results:
Group members
Champion team
Wong Chun Hei, O Yan Yan, Yeung Chun Yan, Fong Chun Leong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Second place
Lin Zhao, Hao Peiru, Liu Zhewen, Mak Chuiyan
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Third place
Yang Fu-Chia, Huang Yu-Chin
Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Third place
Wong Lok Yin, Ng Ho Man, Lam Wing Yan, Lee Tsz Yan
SCAD Hong Kong
Special award
Zhang Yimin, Yi Qilin, Zhang Zihan, Guan Qijun
Guangdong Industry Technical College
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