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Hong Kong Disneyland shares joy through food donation and promotes empowerment in community

HONG KONG, January 28, 2017Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL), jointly with the Hong Kong-based charity Foodlink Foundation and the J-life Foundation, has been supporting the “Surplus Food Donation Program," which started with food donation and gradually developed into a platform for women in the Sham Shui Po district to actively participate in volunteer service. This successful program has not only spread the message of food conservation, but also empowered program beneficiaries to in turn provide voluntary service to people in need, extending HKDL’s spirit of sharing joy and happiness to the community.

HKDL launched this surplus food donation program in 2014. The program’s main benefactor J-life Foundation has trained over 60 beneficiating women in Sham Shui Po over the past three years to become program volunteers, empowering them to transition from simply enjoying the dishes to taking an active role in re-heating and delivering them to others. The program has also provided them with a platform to communicate with others, encouraging them to have better social integration.

“HKDL and Foodlink have given a much-appreciated helping hand to grassroots individuals in the district,” said Elli Fu, CEO and founder of the J-life Foundation. “We’re now seeing more and more beneficiaries, both women and children, offering help at the center as volunteers. Since the launch of the program, some volunteers have even helped organize activities and helped take care of other children. This spirit of empowerment is important for our small-scale organization with limited resources, and it also promotes the sustainable development of community service.”

To convey the message of cherishing food on the first day of the rooster year, HKDL has invited Financial Secretary Paul Chan; Samuel Lau, EVP and managing director of HKDL; Robin Hwang, executive director of Foodlink Foundation; Elli Fu, CEO and Founder of J-life Foundation along with Disney VoluntEARS chefs and 60 beneficial women and children to celebrate Chinese New Year with a feast based on a creative and healthy menu made from surplus ingredients.

“The goal of this program is in line with HKDL’s aim in serving the community. Through Disney VoluntEARS’ constant and cordial services, we create platforms and opportunities to empower beneficiaries to participate in voluntary work and spread the spirit of helping one another,” said Samuel Lau.

Currently, HKDL collects safe-to-eat surplus food from restaurants in its two hotels and park. Resort chefs from the Disney VoluntEARS then turn the surplus ingredients into nutritional dishes based on their culinary expertise. The dishes are then delivered to co-operating charitable organizations for them to distribute to needy families in different districts, like Tung Chung, Tsing Yi and Sham Shui Po every Monday to Friday. As of today, HKDL has donated around 36 tons of safe-to-eat surplus food to the needy in the form of more than 60,000 delicious dishes. Moreover, the resort sponsored Foodlink by purchasing and decorating a large van in support of the program’s daily food deliveries to different communities around Hong Kong.


About Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers an unforgettable, culturally distinctive Disney experience for guests of all ages and nationalities. In the magical kingdom theme park — filled with your favorite Disney stories and characters — explore seven diverse lands that are home to award-winning, first-of-its-kind attractions and entertainment experiences. Complete your adventure with stays at the resort’s luxurious Disney hotels. The magic doesn’t end at our doorstep; as a dedicated member of the local community that cares deeply about societal well-being, Hong Kong Disneyland spreads its magic through community service programs that help families in need, boost creativity among children and youth, encourage the protection of the environment and inspire healthier living.

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