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‘ImagiNations Design Competition’
Mr. Gregory So Kam-leung, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development inspects the winning team’s project.
Two young women studying in the Department of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have claimed the event’s lauded grand prize.

Future architects claim title for first time at ‘ImagiNations Design Competition’

Young creative minds envision new themed area

December 18, 2014, HONG KONG – For the first time in the history of the Disney ImagiNations Hong Kong competition, architecture students have claimed the event’s lauded grand prize. The winning team, named at an award ceremony at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, consisted of two young women studying in the Department of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
The championship team drew inspiration from the Disney character Mushu, the comical guardian dragon from the animated Disney movie “Mulan.” Their prize-winning project, called “Dragon Adventureland,” outlined a creative concept for a new themed area in the park based on the classic film’s Chinese cultural elements.
Overall, this year’s successful competition saw 40 teams enter with more than 130 participants from universities in Hong Kong. As part of their award, the championship team will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters in California to participate in a range of mentorship activities.

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So presented the prizes to the winners as the Guest of Honor at the award ceremony. He congratulated the finalist teams for their excellent work and encouraged them to bravely put their imaginations to work.

Kelly Willis, Director of Creative Development & Show Quality Standards at Walt Disney Imagineering, praised the team for their bold and innovation ideas presented in a highly professional manner, coupled with knowledge of Disney and its intellectual properties. “A great ImagiNations idea is one that not only tells a great Disney story, but also embraces Disney culture,” he said. “A good idea also adds elements that create an immersive experience for our guests. What really impressed the judges was how the teams pushed the envelope and took the extra steps to create something entirely new.”

Creative thinking through design

Conceptualized entirely by the young architecture students through graphic design, a 3-D mock-up and a top-notch presentation, “Dragon Adventureland” envisioned a themed land that would be divided by five separate elements of traditional Chinese theory: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, with each representing different attractions. A Chinese-style pavilion, water-raft ride, Mushu-themed roller coaster, shadow-puppet show and interactive treasure hunt were all different concepts making up their attraction. “We wanted to integrate classic Chinese concepts in our design, making it worthy of Disney but distinctly Chinese,” said Lam Wai-han and Lam Jeun Diane from the winning team.

This year, the second and third place entries came from SCAD Hong Kong and another team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Architecture. They each won their places by creating concepts based on Edna Mode from the Disney•Pixar movie “The Incredibles” and Captain Hook from “Peter Pan,” respectively.

Exchange activities at Imagineering HQ

As part of their grand prize, the championship team will have the opportunity to go to the Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters in California, U.S.A. in January 2015, where they will take part in exciting activities for about one week, including sharing experiences with the other winning team from the Disney ImagiNations Design Competition in the United States. After the exchange program, the winners will have an eight-week work experience back at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Walt Disney Imagineering brings together the world's most cutting-edge technology and design expertise. Its headquarters in California is known as a design wonderland, where all of the research, development, creation and construction takes place for Disney theme parks.

The ImagiNations Competition has been a mainstay in the United States for 23 years so far. Hong Kong is the first region outside the United States to organize the competition, showing how Hong Kong Disneyland Resort strives to nurture the creative development of young people. By joining the competition, students combine art with technology and imagination with construction to create their own unique concepts for Disney resorts and attractions. Just like Hong Kong Disneyland, these ideas are intended to bring magical experiences and wonderful memories to guests.

2014 Disney ImagiNations Competition Hong Kong results:

  Group members University Work
Championship team Lam Wai-han and Lam Jeun Diane Department of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong “Dragon Adventureland”
Second place Cyma, Yuan Shek-man; Angela, Wong Sui-ki; Jacinta Pricilla Wibowo; and Jessica Cynthia Wibowo SCAD Hong Kong “Penta A”
Third place Fiona, Yung Shing-on; Wendy, Cheung Hon-ting; Prisca, Ho Hui-ching; and
John, Ip Kwun-lun
Department of Architecture, the Chinese University of Hong Kong “Jolly Roger”
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