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Representatives from the HKSAR Government and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, together with honorable guests, join the groundbreaking ceremony for Disney Explorers Lodge.
(From left to right) Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So; President and Managing Director, Asia, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Bill Ernest; Financial Secretary John Tsang; and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Managing Director Andrew Kam officiate at the groundbreaking ceremony with Mickey Mouse.
Concept art showing the lobby at the upcoming Disney Explorers Lodge.
Concept art showing the hotel front at the upcoming Disney Explorers Lodge.
Concept art showing the hotel pool at the upcoming Disney Explorers Lodge.
The site plan of the upcoming third hotel.
Concept art for the African Garden, one of four themed gardens at the Disney Explorers Lodge.
Concept art for the South American Garden.

Disney Explorers Lodge breaks ground at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

The new, exploration-themed hotel to feature 750 rooms,

four themed gardens, new restaurants and outdoor pool


January 5, 2015, HONG KONG – Hong Kong Disneyland Resort today broke ground on its third hotel, marking another milestone in the continued development of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as a world-class travel and entertainment destination. Named Disney Explorers Lodge, the new 750-room hotel is slated to open in early 2017.
Dedicated to the spirit of exploration, Disney Explorers Lodge will invite guests to leave the everyday world behind and enter into a new world full of discovery, nature and exotic cultures. The hotel will feature four distinct gardens based on cultures from around the globe, along with new themed restaurants, a shop and a large outdoor swimming pool.
Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government, John Tsang; Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Gregory So; President and Managing Director, Asia, for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Bill Ernest; and Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Andrew Kam, officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony.
“This groundbreaking is another exciting milestone in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s almost 10-year history,” said Ernest. “This expansion is key to continuing the resort's growth and momentum, and it underscores The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to Hong Kong. This project, along with other upcoming expansion projects and new offerings, will continue to add to the appeal of Hong Kong Disneyland.”
Tsang said “The Government treasures our partnership with the Walt Disney Company. And, like any Disney fan, I am thrilled to know that there's much more to come – much more Disney magic to look forward to – beginning with this year's 10th anniversary celebrations, followed by the launching, in late 2016, of the Iron Man themed area and, in 2017, the opening of the Disney Explorers Lodge.”
Kam noted that the two existing hotels have consistently enjoyed an occupancy rate of more than 90% in recent years. He said, “As an integral part of the resort’s overall expansion plan, the third hotel will increase our total room supply by 75 percent to 1,750. We are confident the new hotel will enhance the guest experience and benefit the region’s growing tourism industry.”
Resort-style hotel with unique Disney storytelling
Before the ceremony, HKDL revealed new design concepts and key features of the hotel, including a story expounding the hotel’s theme of exploration. The story harkens to that grand era of exploration in the early 1920s, telling of four explorers who cooperatively built a lodge based on their adventures throughout the globe, adding their own artifacts and specimens gathered over a lifetime of travels.
The concept of exploration is meticulously brought to life throughout the hotel’s guest rooms, themed gardens, three restaurants and shop, which are inspired by the explorers’ travels to four regions: an African savannah, a South American rainforest, a Polynesian island paradise and an area inspired by the natural beauty of Asia.
“Disney is renowned for storytelling and for embodying the spirit of adventure. Disney Explorers Lodge is no exception,” said Yong Lee, Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering. “At this hotel, guests will become explorers in their own right. Iconic Disney elements—featuring characters like Mickey Mouse, Rafiki and others—can be found in the decor and themed elements. The resort-style hotel will appeal to everyone’s spirit of adventure and to the desires of international guests for exotic experiences.”
New hotel features, with the spirit of exploration
The third hotel will differentiate itself from the two existing hotels in terms of its theme and design. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel boasts grand Victorian elegance while Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is accented by the style and architecture of Art Deco. Disney Explorers Lodge, on the other hand, is designed to be a respite for adventurers, surrounding them with the wonders of nature and diverse cultures. Guests around the world can stay at the hotel and become explorers themselves, embracing the lodge motto of “ad explorandum et somniandum” (to explore and dream).
Inside the South American Garden at Disney Explorers Lodge, art and nature coincide, bringing the vibrancy of South American plant life to the garden’s visitors. Three banyan trees holding hanging lanterns within their limbs reside in the middle of the garden, while purple jacaranda trees surround the space.
As guests walk through the Polynesian Garden, they might believe that they can hear ocean waves gently rolling toward them. In fact, the garden’s lawn is designed to look like the rolling waves of the South Pacific.
The Asian Garden celebrates both the natural beauty of Asia, and the distinct elegance of its eclectic cultures. Located adjacent to a themed Chinese restaurant, guests can stroll along the winding path and relax amid the lush landscape and seasonal flowers.
Finally, within the African Garden, the rustic yellow and orange tones of a savannah wash over visitors, making them feel like they might be about to camp out on safari or on a grassy plain in the African continent’s wild landscape.
Hotel to bring continued success
Combined with the success of the recent expansion, Disney Explorers Lodge and other upcoming offerings will continue to strengthen the resort’s position as a premier family destination in the region, and sustain the growth momentum seen in recent years.
Construction of Disney Explorers Lodge will create additional job opportunities as well as another 600 to 700 full-time equivalent positions in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort after it commences operation.

Key Information about the Third Hotel
Disney Explorers Lodge
Spirit of exploration. This theme runs through the overall design, including four gardens based on four unique cultures: Asia, South America, Africa and Polynesia.
· An international restaurant
· A Chinese restaurant
· A fast casual restaurant
· A merchandise shop
· An outdoor pool
No. of rooms
750, bringing the resort total to 1,750 after opening
Opening date
Early 2017

About Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers immersive, unique Disney experiences for all families, generations and ages to enjoy. Hong Kong is one of only five locations in the world that is home to a Disney-themed park and the many Disney characters that are beloved the world over, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Stitch and Buzz Lightyear. Since the grand opening in September 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland has received more than 46 million guests from around the globe. Through the unique product offering and the world-class service provided by the 7,500 cast members at the theme park and the two hotels, the resort has received outstanding guest satisfaction ratings and a range of awards from the hospitality and entertainment sectors.
Hong Kong Disneyland is dedicated to serving Hong Kong people through a wide spectrum of community services programs from helping families in need, to inspiring creativity among children and youth, to encouraging the protection of the environment in the region.
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Hong Kong Disneyland is owned by Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited, which is a joint venture 52% owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and 48% owned by a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

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