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The resort hotel celebrates four distinctive cultures and inspires guests with its motto “ad explorare et somniare” – to explore and dream. Complete with recreation, shopping, exquisite culinary adventures and Disney entertainment, the hotel adds to the comprehensive resort portfolio, making it the perfect “staycation” for Hong Kong residents.

An incredible journey to explore Hong Kong Disneyland, starting on the sea

Over 30 Disney Friends, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale will be joined by nearly 50 dancers in in a brand-new Disney Friends Springtime Processional.

Character-themed eggs featuring many new faces can be discovered in the park, bringing even more springtime surprises to guests.

Exotic adventures beckon at the new Disney Explorers Lodge, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s third hotel, slated to open on April 30. Reservations are now available, with various special offers for guests and Magic Access Members.

Charming Tsum Tsum bouquets from Center Street Boutique on Main Street, U.S.A.

Disney friends sharing New Year blessings

Disney Parks’ first Marvel-themed ride, Iron Man Experience – Presented by AIA, will make its grand debut tomorrow (January 11) at Hong Kong Disneyland. The experience calls on all boys and girls, and men and women, both young and young-at-heart, to team up with families and friends and unleash the Super Hero within in a high-flying adventure alongside Iron Man.

Samuel Lau - Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Set for Multi-Year Transformation with All-New Attractions and Entertainment

Hong Kong Disneyland Reports Second-highest Revenues, Third-highest Attendance and Record Guest Spending

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Celebrates the Year of the Monkey With Sharing from Elderly “Happy Caring Ambassadors”

Captivating spirits, including the dancing couple and the society ladies with Parasols at Mystic Point will lure the unsuspecting into their time-warp to watch as the spirits relive one hour of their lives over and over in an unending loop of time.

Legend has it that the Cowboys and the Miners who once populated Grizzly Gulch have returned to continue their feud. The whole township was unaware that they were poisoned and by the strange green water which emanated from the geysers and sent them all mad. At all Hallows Eve, the deceased denizens will come back to the ghostly gold-mining town to settle old scores every hour.

In the dark hours, the Jungle River Cruise is not quite as one remembers. It will be transformed into a voyage of terror from which we hope you return! Those joining the perilous quest will have to count on the Navigator and the Skipper on board the boat to guide them through the Adventureland jungle.

The “Frozen” adventure commences with a 20 minutes special musical performance at the Crown Jewel Theater.

The “Frozen” adventure commences with a 20 minutes special musical performance at the Crown Jewel Theater.

Elsa has used her powers to create an enchanting “Frozen” Village as a summer getaway for Guests.

Officiating guests Dr. Ko Wing-man, Secretary for Food and Health, HK SAR Government, and Flora Chung, CEO of the Agency for Volunteer Service joined Andrew Kam, HKDL Managing Director, as well as other charitable organizations and community groups in announcing the launch of a new year of “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” at the “Disney VoluntEARS Celebration.”

The “Frozen” adventure will commence with a musical performance featuring Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Kristoff in the “Frozen” Festival Show.

Photo 3: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups work together to encourage youth to be creative and bring happiness to the community through the planning and leading of volunteering projects

Photo 1: Fanny Yu, Supervisor of the HKFYG (Right) and Linda Choy, Vice President of Public Affairs at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (Left), launch the “Disney Friends for Change” Youth Grant.

Tinker Bell leads the way before a dazzling “color spiral” of sparkling fairy dust! She magically flies within this “color spiral” while spreading pixie dust all around her.

The Scare Floor in Monstropolis comes to crazy, vivid life as Mike and Sulley navigate an array of vibrant, twirling doors!

It is the very first time that Mack is featured in a parade. Mack float is over 54 feet long and 18 feet tall. Mack is driving along in a larger-than-life fashion, equipped with some very cool, giant “light display” panels affixed to his sides.

Life under the sea is an underwater, watercolor wonderland of vibrant, glowing hues! King Triton, Ariel and a school of glowing “sea creatures” fill the streets with their own briny brilliance.

Vibrant projections that depict memorable and iconic moments from Belle’s “tale as old as time” story fill her gown and travel upwards onto a giant tapestry of electric imagery, featuring unforgettable chapters from her beloved story.

Slinky Dog scampers along with Woody and Buzz holding on for dear life! Slinky’s ever-moving, ever-changing “coils” glow with eye-popping, ever-changing and iridescent patterns.

2014 HKMA Quality Award

The group of officiating guests boarded the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage in Mystic Manor to unlock the mystery.

Mystic Point, the final chapter of Hong Kong Disneyland’s first expansion project, will officially open on May 17, 2013.

Originally designed as a Victorian mansion, Mystic Manor is infused with international elements, inspired by Lord Henry’s adventures around the world.

The Explorer’s Club Restaurant is divided into five themed room offering 16 special dishes. Guests can admire the themed décor as they savor the wide array of delicacies.

Officiating Guests at the Grand Opening Ceremony of Grizzly Gulch

Grizzly Gulch

Grizzly Gulch - Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Grizzly Gulch - Geyser Gulch

Visit Animation Academy for learning how to draw Olaf

Don’t forget to visit Animation Academy where our talented Disney artists are waiting to teach you how to draw Olaf to complete you “Frozen” themed experiences at Hong Kong Disneyland this summer.

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